Fender Strat (First Strat) | Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Given to Kenny in 1989, this candy apple red, American-made Stratocaster bears the signature of one of Kenny’s heroes and his first inspiration to play the guitar: Stevie Ray Vaughan. An original photograph of a young Kenny Wayne, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Kenny’s father, Ken Shepherd marks the moment when it was autographed in Dallas, TX. This was Kenny’s first Strat and was a gift from Kenny's parents. Over the next year as a result of Kenny’s playing the original signature from SRV began to fade. Kenny, being very young and dismayed at the idea of losing the signature, took a sharpie to the guitar and tried to trace over the original SRV signature in the areas where it was fading to bring it back. The end result is a hybrid of SRV’s original signature and a young Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s attempt to preserve his hero’s signature.