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10 Days Out 7 Year Anniversary

Seven years ago today we released one of the most significant projects of my career, "10 Days Out Blues From The Backroads". The inspiration behind the project was out of our pure love and appreciation for the Blues and the musicians who have participated in making it the genre we are all so passionate about today. We all knew "10 Days Out" would be something special, but no one knew just how significant it would actually be. Since we filmed and recorded "10 Days Out" the unfortunate reality is that 16 of the featured artists are no longer here with us. The good news is, the timing couldn't have been better to capture some of the last known performances of some of these inspiring musicians so that their musical legacy can continue to touch people's hearts for generations to come. If you haven't yet experienced "10 Days Out", please pick up a copy today and join us in keeping the Blues alive and celebrating the seven year anniversary of one of the most amazing experiences of my career. 

Buy 10 Days Out on iTunes: Click Here